These Dirty Things You Touch Everyday Might Spook You

Oct 31, 2019 | Carpet Cleaning

These 11 Dirty Things You Touch Everyday Might Spook You graphic

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You may be frightened to find how the most common items you touch—from the kitchen to your couch and other upholstery—are actually crawling with dirt. The list of surprisingly dirty items in your home could go on and on. But for now, here are the top ones. 


It’s estimated that the average dollar bill touches about 14,000 sets of hands in its lifetime. This might make us think twice before using “dirty money”—or at least not cleaning our hands after a cash transaction. 


Similar to most of these items, we remember to wash our hands but there are tons of things we touch that we forget about. Our wallet goes with us about everywhere we go. Next time you are cleaning your phone (another one of the items on this list), give it a quick clean. 

Shopping Carts

Because shopping carts are in contact with so many people’s hands and are pushed around different foods all day, almost all of them are contaminated with dirt. That’s why many stores provide wipes that you can use to clean the carts. It may seem small, but it is these extra steps that can make a big difference in staying healthy.


Our families and pets lounge on our couches every day. Yet surprisingly, the couch is one of the least cleaned items in our homes. We might spot clean small stains on our couches, but rarely do people remember to deep clean their couches. The average sofa is filled with dirt and dust that only professional cleaning methods can reach.

Computer Keyboard

The crevices in a keyboard are the perfect hiding places for dust. This is especially true for computers in public places, like the office. You may consider cleaning your computer keys a little more often. Clean your mouse too while you’re at it. 

Cell Phone

Most people hardly put their phones down—even to use the bathroom. As a result, our cell phones are infested with tons of dirt! Take your phone out of its case and wipe them both down with a cleaning wipe regularly. 

Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink, including the faucet and handles, is thought of as a cleaning place. It’s also a spot crawling with dirt. In fact, the kitchen is actually worse than the bathroom. This makes sense when considering how much raw food and other gunk is rinsed down the drain. 

Fridge Handle

While you may think you washed your hands well enough after touching that raw piece of chicken, chances are, traces of dirt were left behind. 

Toothbrush & Toothbrush Holder

Think about it—when you’re done brushing your teeth, your brush probably sits there wet overnight. This frequent moisture creates a breeding ground for dirt. 

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