A Guide to Area Rugs in Small Spaces

Jan 21, 2019 | Carpet Cleaning

A guide to Area Rugs in Small Spaces graphic

A guide to Area Rugs in Small Spaces Many people find themselves with a small space, such as a bedroom, office, or small living room and want to spruce it up. However, often people are hesitant to put an area rug in a small space. It seems to be a rampant decorating myth that you can’t put a rug in a small space, but that simply isn’t the case. Rugs can add a lot of artistic value and a colorful design to any room. The right rug can even make a room feel larger and more spacious at an affordable price. If you are wanting to add design and depth to your small home but don’t want to break the bank, consider getting some rugs.

Choose the Right Rug

There are a few factors to consider to help you pick the best rug for your small space, including the size, color, and function of the rug.


It might sound counterintuitive, but you actually want a rug that just about fills your space, without filling it entirely. A little bit of the hardwood around the edges of the room will make the room seem larger, but too small of a rug will break up the space too much and make it seem smaller.


In most instances, a light colored rug will help a room feel airier and bigger. You can choose a bolder rug, but be prepared to make it the focus of the room, instead of competing with other bold decor if you choose that route. As for the pattern, subtle is usually better in a small space. Stripes on the rug can help elongate the appearance of the room.


Be sure to consider the function of the room you are putting a rug in. In a bedroom, you will want a lighter rug to add a calming presence to the room. In a playroom, you might opt for a brighter rug with a playful pattern. Because your hallways are expected to be a small space already, you can add a bold rug without worrying about it making the space seem smaller.

Maintain the Rug

In a small room, the rug is the center of the show. A small spot or faint traffic marks that might go unnoticed in a larger room with more going on will almost definitely be noticed on a rug in small room. It’s very important to take the proper steps to maintain your area rugs to keep your small space looking clean.

Vacuum Regularly

Rugs often see a buildup of dirt, dust, pet fur, and more, which can ruin their appearance. The key to preventing this is regular vacuuming. We recommend vacuuming about once a week to prevent dirt buildup in the carpet fibers. Smaller rugs often get overlooked when cleaning but make sure to take the time to clean them well. 

Professional Cleanings

Vacuums are important, but they can’t remove everything that builds up in your carpets or help with stains. That’s where professional rug cleaning comes in. Every 12-18 months get your rugs professionally cleaned to keep them looking their best. Contact the experienced team at Southside Chem-Dry in Norfolk to treat your rugs with the proper care they need.

Rugs are known to be the perfect way to add warmth and flare to any room. This guide should help you get the right rug and turn a small living space into a beautiful and cozy room in your home.

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