Our Best Back to School Tips

Aug 23, 2018 | Carpet Cleaning

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our best back to school tipsSchool can be stressful for not only kids but also the parents! There is just so much to keep track of: homework the needs to be done, lunches that need to be packed, backpacks that end up missing two minutes before the bus comes and more. Here are our best tips for dealing with this hectic time and making it go more smoothly.

Never Miss an Activity

  • Set up a family calendar in a place everyone can see
  • Assign each family member a color so they know which activities are theirs
  • Write down activities, meetings, and other events as soon as you find out about them
  • Make sure everyone checks that calendar at least weekly to stay on top of everything

Get Ready Faster

  • Clean out the closet and remove any clothes that don’t fit to make choosing clothes easier
  • Organize clothes by type: uniforms, play clothes, sports, etc
  • Pick out outfits the night before
  • Give each child a bin for their personal toiletries so they don’t get lost

Never Lose School Necessities

  • Create a cubby to hang backpacks and keep lunch boxes.
  • Add another drawer or cubby for wallets, phone chargers, and purses.
  • Create a shoe organizer to keep footwear organized for all school activities.
  • Make sure that everything is put in its place as soon as you get home

Get Homework Done Without Fights

  • Create a designated homework station with no distractions
  • Get fun school supplies, such as shaped erasers and colorful notebooks
  • Schedule homework time at the same time every day
  • Create a reward system, such as getting a weekend treat if all schoolwork was completed during the week
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