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Are you looking for the best carpet cleaners in Chesapeake? We understand that Chesapeake is a big city and that there are a lot of carpet cleaners to choose from. We get that you want the best carpet cleaners, and so we strive to make your choice as easy as possible by offering state-of-the-art carpet cleaning services in the Chesapeake, VA area.

People in Chesapeake trust Southside Chem-Dry to get their carpets cleanest. Our carpet cleaners uses the most advanced cleaning technology and leaves our customers with clean carpet and a healthy home environment. We use a cleaning solution that relies on carbonation to extract dirt from your carpet, giving it a deep clean. This innovative carbonated cleaning system only requires the use of a fraction of the moisture some other cleaners use, allowing your carpets to dry quicker. This quick drying solution also helps in the prevention of mold and bacteria growth under your carpet. We get your carpets cleaner, not just wetter.

Plus, you can trust Southside Chem-Dry to care about the environment and the Chesapeake area just as much as you do, because we’re a locally owned company.  We do all we can to keep our carpet cleaning safe and GREEN because we care about the environment that we all share.

Don’t settle from anything less than the best for your home, carpets, and family. Southside Chem-Dry: for a happier, healthier home!

“I just had my carpets done and Tyler was phenomenal! He arrived on time, explained the process and removed a stain a competitor said would not be removed. Thank you! We will be back again.”

Audrey C.

Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake Carpet Cleaners That Are Green Certified

You can be confident that our carpet cleaning method is healthy for your family, home, and the environment. Our signature cleaning solution, The Natural®, is able to easily remove dirt and grime but doesn’t deteriorate the carpet fibers in your home. The beauty of The Natural® is that despite its tough cleaning ability, it is 100% non-toxic and completely safe for homes with kids and pets. Cleaning with The Natural® is like giving your carpets a refreshing mineral water bath! You won’t find a better carpet cleaning system in Chesapeake that is both as effective and as safe for your carpets. Visit our Green Carpet Cleaning page to learn even more.

Our Innovative Carbonated Cleaning Process

We can offer a clean like no other due to our innovative system. Our Power of Carbonation technique easily lifts dirt from your carpets using a gentle carbonated bubble process, meaning less invasive equipment and cleaning solutions that could harm your carpet investment. Our patented system allows us to give your floors an unbelievable clean. Get ready for a deeper clean than what you’re used to. Not only does our system need less drying time, it thwarts mold and bacteria growth in your carpet. Southside Chem-Dry is home of the Chesapeake carpet cleaners you can trust!

Difference between Chem-Dry and Other Cleaners 

If you are tired of the same, average carpet cleaner, give Southside Chem-Dry a try. While other processes may take days to completely dry, our system allows your carpets to dry in just 1-2 hours. You won’t be able to find a quicker dry time among other professional carpet cleaners in Chesapeake. Forget about tip-toeing around wet carpet for days. Apart from longer drying times, these methods actually force dirt and grime further into your carpet, which will lead to eventual re-soiling. In other words, with time, the same dirt and stains will begin to reappear. Get your carpets cleaned right the first time, contact us today.

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Schedule a Chesapeake Carpet Cleaning from Southside Chem-Dry Today!

We are confident that our Chesapeake carpet cleaning service is sure to exceed your expectations. When you contact us for the high-quality carpet cleaning service we offer, you can be confident that our methods are tried and true and almost always guarantee results. We stand by our work and look forward to exceeding your expectations. Still not sure? Check out our testimonials page to see what people in the area are saying about our services.

Here’s what real people in Chesapeake had to say about our services:

Shauna said:

“Southside Chem-Dry was amazing… The technician was very friendly and did an amazing job. He got my furniture looking back like it did when we first purchased it. I will continue to use ChemDry and only ChemDry for my carpet and upholstery needs!!”

Shea R., said:

“I have been using Southside Chem Dry for 5 years and they always do a great job on my carpets and furniture. The dry time is amazing, everything is dry within an hour or 2. The staff is very friendly and knows their stuff!! I highly recommend using these folks only, thanks Southside Chem Dry.”

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