How to Choose the Best Carpet with Kids and Pets

Feb 26, 2015 | Carpet Cleaning

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Thinking of replacing your carpet? Save yourself from a lot of future headaches and choose a carpet that is kid and pet friendly. You may have beautiful carpet in your home, but if it easily gets destroyed, what is the point. Here at Southside Chem-Dry we have cleaned a lot of carpets, and have seen exactly what type of carpets work best with kids and pets to maintain their value. One of the biggest decisions you face when choosing a new carpet isn’t color, brand, or style. Instead, it’s choosing a durable, highly resistant carpet that will maintain its quality—no matter how many children and pets you have. Below we have three essentials to help you make the right decision.
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Select a Medium Shade Carpet

To start, it is important to know what types of colors do work best for maintaining clean carpets. We recommend a medium shade carpet; blue, grey, or light brown, are usually safe options. These colors add warmth to the home while minimizing the appearance of dirt, spills, and hair. Dog hair and crumbs will show up very easily on darker carpets, while lighter shaded carpet will show any type of stain especially juice spills or spaghetti sauce. Save yourself time and money by sticking to a medium shade carpet.

Synthetic Fiber Carpet Works Great

Synthetic fiber carpet, as opposed to ‘natural’ carpets, is another way you can save yourself a lot of hassle. Choosing a synthetic carpet drastically narrows down your options. With the synthetic carpet family, you have a few options. We recommend nylon. Nylon is a high resistant carpet choice, and a great one for homes that have toddlers, pets and teenagers spilling and stomping on it, regularly. Nylon carpets are very sturdy, as the synthetic fibers hold their shape well, and especially in comparison to other materials, such as the loop style Berber carpet (which can easily snag). While nylon may be a bit higher in cost than other fibers, it offers a longer lasting color—even in high traffic homes.

Try Polyester Carpet

If nylon doesn’t fit your taste or won’t work for your home, consider using a polyester fabric. Polyester carpet is another great option for families with pets. A carpet made from polyester fabric is stain resistant, and with softness that other carpets don’t have. It holds up well for busy families that want the inviting feel of carpet, without sacrificing quality.

Even if you pick the perfect carpet, it will still need regular routine and maintenance. Southside Chem-Dry is ready to help you extend the life and durability of your carpets. With a professional cleaning every 6-12 months, your carpets will last and look great for years. Contact us if you have any questions about keeping your carpet clean. We love making homes beautifully clean, and would love to help you!

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