Don’t Forget to Clean These Before Your Holiday Parties!

Nov 21, 2017 | Carpet Cleaning

Don't Forget to Clean These Before Your Holiday Parties! graphic

Hosting holiday parties? don't forget to clean these ten places!With the holidays quickly approaching, you’re probably busy cleaning your home in anticipation of holiday guests. However, you probably forgot about these ten filthy places! Makes sure that you clean these items and areas before your friends and family come over.

  • Trash Can
    • I know that you’re responsible and you always take your trash out. However, when was the last time that you cleaned the trash can? Even if you always use a trash bag, they are prone to leaks, sometimes things spill out of the bag and smells tend to linger. That’s why it’s so important to clean out your trash can. Take it outside and spray it out with the hose, and make sure to let it dry before you use it again.
  • Cell Phone
    • You’ve probably made a lot of phone calls this holiday season. That means a lot of time that your phone spends touching your face. Did you know that your phone can be up 10x dirtier than a toilet seat? If you wouldn’t put your face on a toilet seat, you need to clean your phone. Wipe it down thoroughly with a cleaning wipe.
  • Carpets
    • You probably don’t notice the years-old stains in your carpet anymore, but you can bet that your mother-in-law will. Vacuuming, though it should be done regularly, isn’t enough to keep your carpets actually clean. You need to have your carpets professionally cleaned in order to eliminate stains, dust, and dirt. This is especially important if you plan on having guests sleeping on the floor!
  • Shower Curtain
    • Have you ever noticed the pink lines that form along the bottom of your shower curtain? This is unfortunately a build-up of mold. Especially if you’re going to have guests using your shower (and causing a lot more dampness and steam), you need to take care of that before it gets worse. Throw your shower curtain in the washing machine and hang it up to dry.
  • Air Vents
    • You might not see any dust floating around your air, but it’s there. Be sure to clean out your air vents and covers to keep the air in your home clean and healthy.
  • Door Knobs
    • It’s the time of year where dirt and dust abound, and they love to live on the most commonly touched surfaces, including doorknobs. Give your doorknobs a good cleaning with a spray or wipe, and do your light switches while you’re at it!
  • Ice Tray
    • Holiday parties mean you’ll be serving lots of drinks, which means you’ll go through a lot of ice. Prepare your ice cube trays for holiday events by throwing them in the dishwasher. Just think about it, you may think your ice cube trays only hold water, but they’re also touched (and maybe even dripped on) by anything in the freezer, and also by potentially dirty hands.
  • Vacuum Filter
    • You know that you need to clean your floor, but think about where everything from your floors ends up. That’s right: your vacuum. Take some time to empty your vacuum and remove the filter. Many filters can be cleaned and reused, others may need to be completely replaced. Make sure to consult your vacuum instructions if you’re unsure. 
  • Microwave touchpad
    • Holiday food means a lot of reheated microwave leftovers. How many times have you touched some wet or greasy food and then immediately touched the microwave? Take just a minute to wipe off the touchpad and even clean the inside if you’re feeling ambitious. 
  • Tile
    • Tile is known for being easy to clean: just sweep, mop, and call it good. However, when your tile and grout inevitably becomes discolored, it’s time to call in a professional. Wow your guests with your sparkling tile floors! 

Here at Southside Chem-Dry, we wish you and your loved the happiest of holiday seasons. If you need some help cleaning up in order to make that happen, give us a call!





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