House Cleaning Tips: 6 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix Them

Jun 18, 2020 | Carpet Cleaning

House Cleaning Tips: 6 Cleaning Mistakes You're Making and How to Fix Them graphic

House Cleaning Tips: 6 Cleaning Mistakes You're Making and How to Fix ThemSouthside Chem-Dry is excited to be featured in Redfin’s latest article, “House Cleaning Tips: 6 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix Them.” We were chosen along with a select group of experts from across the country to contribute. 

We hate to break it to you – but it might be time to rethink your cleaning routine. After all, there are few things worse than spending an afternoon or even an entire day cleaning, only to learn you’ve been making cleaning mistakes that are wasting your time and money.

But don’t worry, we want to make sure you know what mistakes and pitfalls to look out for – and better yet, how to fix them. That’s why we reached out to experts across the country, from those living in Washington, DC to those living in Austin, Texas for their best advice and house cleaning tips. Here are some of the most common mistakes they see people making.

1. Cleaning in the wrong order.

Most people know the trick of cleaning each room top to bottom, but there are other factors to consider when tackling a whole-room cleaning project. For example, many people will clean top to bottom, cleaning the cabinets and counters first, and the floors last. However, they then decide to spray room freshener/deodorizer as a way to finish the job and leave the room feeling fresh. These room sprays can actually leave a sticky or greasy film on floors and counters, so it’s recommended that you use them towards the middle of your process before you’ve wiped and mopped. – Molly Maid

2. Diluting ready-to-use cleaners to save money. 

Doing so dilutes the effectiveness of the product and you will need more elbow and time to clean, making it more expensive at the end. Instead, buy commercial concentrated products with a measured dispenser.- It’s Cleaning Time!

3. Forgetting to clean window screens. 

There is a common misconception that rain causes dirty windows, but that’s not the case! Rain passing through a dirty screen will carry dirt and debris which causes those splotches after it rains. It’s important to brush and rinse window screens each time you clean your windows to ensure they stay cleaner, longer. – Window Genie

4. Aggressively scrubbing carpet stains.

When you aggressively scrub a carpet stain, the stain gets pushed deeper into your carpet fibers, making it more difficult to remove. Instead, carefully blot up the spot with a cloth and a small amount of a gentle stain removal product. This process may take longer but is much more effective at removing stains and making sure they don’t return. – Southside Chem-Dry

5. Forgetting that less means more.

We usually think that using more cleaning agents would do a better job, but that is not true. Using too much cleaner or detergent can actually cause more harm than good. If an excess of cleaning product is not rinsed away completely, the residue becomes a dirt magnet, causing the soil to be trapped much longer. That’s why you should read directions and always use the recommended amount of product as directed on each bottle. This would help you minimize your budget by spending less money on products and on water to rinse it away. – Magnolia Maids

6. Cleaning the wrong things with a magic eraser. 

Magic erasers are aptly named, taking stains and scuffs off of walls like, well, magic. What’s their secret? They’re equivalent to high grit sandpaper. Be creative and try them on sneakers, hard surfaces such as tile and countertops, even cleaning up the grout. But use caution: repeated use on shiny surfaces such as glass and stainless steel will cause the surface to dull. Dulling an area of your stainless appliance can be a costly mistake. – Spekless

Originally published by Redfin

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