How to Get Your Whole Family to Help Clean

Oct 17, 2017 | Carpet Cleaning

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How to Get Your Whole Family to Help CleanWe all know that it’s hard to keep a house clean. It’s even harder the more people who live in that house. Since your kids are the ones making most of the mess, shouldn’t they help clean it up? Here’s how to get everyone in your family to help do chores and keep the house clean. 

Get Your Toddlers Involved

Do you have small children and toddlers in your home? They are probably among the messiest members of your family, but even they can help to clean! Give your toddler a small, manageable chore, such as picking up all of the clothing or toys in their room or the toy room. Many toddlers will view some chores as games (especially if you encourage it by saying something like “how many toys can you put in the basket?”) and be more willing than older kids to participate. And if you can get your toddler cleaning, you can tell your older children that they have no excuse. because if the smallest member of your family can help clean, they can too.

Assign Clear Chores

Kids are great at ignoring messes. They might tell you that they finished cleaning their room, only for you to walk in and see that it’s still a mess. In order to help kids know what needs to be done, make a clear list of chores. Be specific, such as “Put all dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Bring all dirty dishes to the kitchen. Make bed.” etc instead of just “clean room”. Encourage kids to check each item off when finished or even make a sticker chart, to help kids feel more accomplished and motivated.

Implement a Reward System

After you assign chores, come together as a family and brainstorm a reward for a week’s worth of chores accomplished. Would your kids like to head out to their favorite burger joint? Or, would everyone enjoy a round of miniature golf? Implement a reward that will motivate your family to do a great job taking care of their personal belongings, and you’ll have a family that cleans together, sticks together, and makes happy memories, together!

Turn it Over to the Professionals

If there are chores that are just too big for your family to handle or you don’t have time, Don’t be afraid to turn them over to the professionals. For instance, it could take your family days to shampoo your carpets in your house, but the experts at Southside Chem-Dry can take care of your carpet cleaning for you in a matter of hours. This leaves your family more time to spend together. 

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