3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Upholstery is Overdue for a Professional CleaningHave you ever wondered if your couches and sofas are as clean as they seem? If so, you’re like most of our customers! It can be tricky to see what particles are below the surface of the fibers, especially if you vacuum your upholstery regularly. So how do you know when your couches actually need a professional upholstery cleaning in VA Beach? Here are some clear signs to look out for!

It’s been over a year since your last upholstery cleaning.

Health experts recommend cleaning your upholstery every six months to a year if you have children or pets. If you live alone and your upholstery doesn’t have any visible stains or spots, you may be able to get away with cleaning them every eighteen months.

Your couches have pet hair and/or pet accident spots on them

When pets urinate on your upholstery, it can cause damage to the fabric and material. Plus you have to put up with that awful smell! If your pets have had accidents on your upholstery, you likely know that simple scrubbing or vacuuming does not remove the enzymes that cause urine stains and smells. Thanks to our upholstery cleaning in VA Beach and pet urine removal treatment, we can remove stubborn pet stains, smells, and hair from your couches.

Your allergies are flaring up

Dirt, dust, and allergens always seem to find their way into the fibers of our favorite pieces of furniture like sofas, love seats, and recliners. While you might not be able to see these particles, they’re likely impacting your health— and your allergy symptoms. If you or your family are sneezing or coughing while lounging on your upholstery, it’s time to get it professionally cleaned.

Book an upholstery cleaning in VA Beach with Southside Chem-Dry

At Southside Chem-Dry, we can give you a price estimate for upholstery cleaning in VA Beach and we’ll inspect your sofas before any cleaning begins. We have years of experience in the cleaning industry, and we offer the very best solutions for treating your comfy and cozy couches!

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