What Causes Discolored Grout?

Dec 28, 2019 | Carpet Cleaning

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What Causes Discolored GroutDo you have discolored grout, even though you stay on top of cleaning your tile? You’re not alone! Many homeowners find that their grout continues to look dingy and dirty no matter how often they clean it, or soon after a cleaning. 

So why is it that grout always seems dirty? What causes this discolored grout might surprise you!

What makes grout and tile appear so dirty?

Many people believe that dirty-looking grout is caused by dirt and other spills. This leads to them cleaning even more. While dirt is a small cause, it turns out that overcleaning is actually the main cause of a lot of grout discoloration and can make the issue much worse! 

That’s right, the most common cause of discolored grout is actually caused by grime that is attracted to the sticky residue left behind in the cleaning process. Grout surfaces are extremely porous, and because they’re set lower than tile, this is the ideal spot for residue and dirt to settle. The more you clean it, the more sticky residue builds up and the worse it gets. 

When too much moisture and cleaning solutions are used in the tile and grout cleaning process, grout can become dirty exponentially faster—and stay that way no matter how much scrubbing and mopping you do. 

So what do I do?

Luckily, there is a solution, and it’s not just to never clean your tile and grout. Instead, you should regularly utilize professional tile and grout cleaning services. Southside Chem-Dry has professional-grade equipment that’s strong enough to extract dirt from grout and deep clean it, all without depositing sticky residue. This means your tile and grout will get cleaner and stay cleaner for longer! We can also refresh the protective sealant on your grout in the process—making it more resilient to future stains. 

Tile and grout cleaning in Virginia Beach

With help from Southside Chem-Dry’s professional tile cleaners, your tile and grout can look like new and also be better able to repel stains. 

We not only care about the appearance of your home, but its health and safety, as well. We look forward to serving you throughout the Virginia Beach area!

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