Winter Carpet Cleaning Tips

Feb 27, 2014 | Carpet Cleaning

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The cooler winter months are here in Virginia Beach and your family and pets are probably spending more time in the house. This could mean two things for your home’s carpet: One, this will mean more foot traffic than the warm summer months. Second, it is common for pets that don’t like cooler weather to use your carpet as their new restroom.

The key to cleaning and maintaining high-traffic carpet areas is to prevent the buildup of dirt and clean any stains immediately. Below are several simple guides that will help you keep your carpets clean through Norfolk & Va Beach’s remaining cool season:

Vacuum Regularly
It’s crucial that you create a regular vacuuming schedule. You need to keep the amount of dirt that is collected in the carpet fibers to a minimum. Dirt is inevitable, but if you allow it to collect, adding heavy foot traffic will begin to push the dirt further into the carpet fiber.

Stain Removal Treatment
There are many different carpet cleaning solutions tailored to whatever your focus might be, whether it’s regarding pet stains, spot removal or high-traffic areas. Chem-Dry makes consumer carpet cleaning products including Stain Extinguisher, the spot remover that is easy to use and effective. This carpet cleaner lifts the spot to the surface unlike any other household stain remover and is ideal for dirt and most food spills. Our Pet Odor Extinguisher is perfect for cleaning up those fresh pet urine odors. Chem-Dry’s consumer cleaning products have no harsh solvents or bleaches so they are safe to use around your children and pets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning by Southside Chem-Dry
If your pets have had an accident on your carpets, it’s a smart idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned by Southside Chem-Dry. Pet urine can seep into the carpet padding and fibers, and creates a breeding ground for terrible odors. Southside Chem-Dry can eliminate pet urine odors from your carpets by applying our revolutionary P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) cleaning solution. P.U.R.T. penetrates to the source of the odor and utilizes a natural chemical reaction that destroys the urine crystals so the odor is completely eliminated, not masked or hidden.

Call us to schedule your winter cleaning today or to get more information about our innovative pet urine removal treatment.

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